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World Humanitarian Day – 19th August

19 August Secretary-General’s Message on World Humanitarian Day  We mark World Humanitarian Day every year on 19 August, to express solidarity with people affected by humanitarian crises and pay tribute to the humanitarian workers who help them. This year’s commemoration marks Read More

UN Plus Malawi at the UN Health Wellness Day

The UN Cares Team in Malawi in conjunction with the Resident Coordinator’s Office organized a UN Health Wellness Day on 22nd June 2018 under the theme “my health my responsibility.” One of the activities on the day was the candlelight memorial Read More

Malawi: Making a difference in Darfur with the UN every day

31 July 2018: Working in a complex peacekeeping mission in a place such as Sudan’s Darfur region is both “challenging” and “refreshing,” as each day is unpredictable and brings valuable experiences, according to female peacekeepers from Malawi currently serving with Read More