European Union World Food Day Debate

Debate participants after the debate

20th November 2018:

Continuing with the World Food Day 2018 commemorations, the European Union Delegation in Malawi funded a World Food Day debate, at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) on 26th October.

This event called for action from young people, urging them to join in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. Similarly, this event was also held under the World Food Day 2018 theme, “Our Actions are Our Future: A #ZeroHunger world by 2030 is possible”.

The function provided an opportunity for FAO to interact with students regarding the ongoing collaboration between FAO and EU on climate change, nutrition-sensitive agriculture and strengthening extension delivery through farmer field schools, providing insights into how these contribute to the fight against hunger and malnutrition.

The World Food Day debate invited young people, mostly students at LUANAR, to take action and be a part of the fight against hunger in Malawi. This was in recognition of the fact that the youth of Malawi as custodians of the future, should harness the skills and knowledge gained through their education and experience, and join in the fight to achieve zero hunger.

The EU Ambassador particularly cited those young people with studies focusing on agriculture and nutrition, as being central to the advancement of the zero hunger goal.

“It is you agronomists, agricultural engineers who can make a change in the zero hunger fight. It is your generation that is tasked with achieving this goal of zero hunger,” the European Union Ambassador to Malawi, Sandra Paesan said in her speech.

Tasked with this, young people got involved in a lively debate that brought together nutritionists and agriculture extension experts on a discussion of whether or not the goal of zero hunger by 2030 is a real possibility in Malawi.

The event was a vibrant platform that drove home the message that Malawi’s youth should and can be part of the solution if the country is to achieve zero hunger.