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UN Malawi Bulletin - August and September 2018

This edition of the bulletin of the United Nations in Malawi covers the months of August and September 2018. It contains stories which highlight some of the work done by the UN System in Malawi, in collaboration with the Government of Malawi and other partners, during these two months.

Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) III 2017-2022

This is the national development policy framework for Malawi, the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) III 2017-2022, launched by the Government of Malawi on 13th March 2018. The policy aims to build a productive, competitive and resilient Malawi.

Joint Programme on Girls' Education Mid Term Review Final Report - 2017

This is a report for the mid term review of the joint programme on girls' education which three UN agencies; WFP, UNICEF and UNFPA, implement in Mangochi, Dedza and Salima, with support from Norway.

Qualitative Impact Assessment of the Joint UN Resilience Project in Malawi: Implemented in Phalombe District in Southern Malawi - 2014 to 2016

This is the report for final review of the joint programme on resilience which was implemented by four agencies; WFP, FAO, UNICEF and UNDP, in Phalombe district with financial support from Africa Solidarity Trust Fund.

mVAM Malawi —Weekly Price Update #138

Key highlights in the report include:

  • Prices of maize grain levelled off in most markets in the second week of October, partly due to government maize distribution and the trickling in of irrigated (winter) maize grain on the local markets in lower shire and some surrounding areas.
  • At the current level, MK 128 per kilogram as of second week of October, grain prices are 32 percent above their levels in the corresponding period last year and almost the same level as the five-year average.
  • During the week under review; beans, cowpeas and pigeon peas were trading at Mk 663/kg, MK 295/kg and MK 195/kg, respectively.
Malawi Condolence Book for Kofi Annan - Sept 2018

A book of condolences from Malawi, paying tribute to Kofi Annan.

Report on Challenges in Albinism Cases in Malawi - 2018

Report about the study on challenges in investigations, prosecution and sentencing in offices against persons with albinism in Malawi.