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PVSU Digest October 2016

this is a monthly update of reported cases of violence and abuse at Malawi Police Victim Support Units covering 34 police stations in all 28 districts of the country.  Also covers data on children in conflict with the law.

National Industrial Policy

This document sets out the Government of Malawi’s Policy industrialization of the economy. This Policy is critical for Malawi’s economic development because the goals of Vision 2020 and the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy II cannot be achieved without industrialization. Poverty cannot be reduced if industries are not able to meet their potential and generate the jobs and value added that is required to meet the welfare needs of Malawi’s increasing population.

National Trade Policy

This trade policy conveys the Government of Malawi’s commitment to make trade a tool for sustainable socio-economic development and poverty reduction as espoused in the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy II. The policy reflects the range of opportunities and challenges facing Malawi. It recognises the critical issue of implementation – of both the trade agreements already in place and sectoral policies needed to harness trade for development. Consequently, it is particularly entwined with National Export Strategy (NES) and the National Industrial Policy (NIP), their priorities and implementation structure.


The Paris Agreement, adopted in December 2015, represents a new beginning in the global effort to stabilize the climate before it is too late. It recognizes the importance of food security in the international response to climate change, as reflected by many countries focusing prominently on the agriculture sector in their planned contributions to adaptation and mitigation. To help put those plans into action, this report identifies strategies, financing opportunities, and data and information needs. It also describes transformative policies and institutions that can overcome barriers to implementation.

UN Day 2016: Remarks by the UN Resident Coordinator Mia Seppo

Following a declaration by the UN General Assembly, the 24th of October, the anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter, was designated as International United Nations (UN) Day. The global theme of UN Day is to share the aims and accomplishments of the UN and its work worldwide.

41st mVAM weekly price report

The 41st mVAM weekly price report for data collected from  3rd – 7th October through WFP’s Call Centre indicates that:

  • Nominal maize prices remained stable throughout the 17 monitored districts as observed during the first week of October.
  • The overall average nominal price of maize was MK225/kg and ranged from MK140 to MK260 per kilogram in the 50 monitored markets.
  • Though relatively stable, these prices still remain unusually high thereby restricting food access for rural households.

Demographic Dividend Report

The primary objectives of the study are to assess the country’s potential to harness the demographic dividend and to identify the policy options that the country can adopt to optimise its chances of harnessing a maximum demographic dividend.