U.N. Rights Office Urges South Africa’s Government to Accelerate Enactment of Legislation Against Hate Crimes

In response to questions raised about the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa, the Spokesman said that the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) remains concerned about such incidents which date back as far as 2008 in communities that are poor, marginalized and in situations of vulnerability. 

Whilst acknowledging efforts made by the Government of South Africa in response to the xenophobic violence in the country, the UN is also concerned about populations that have been displaced as a result of this violence and encourages the Government to provide adequate protection to all affected persons, including migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

It also encourages the Government to accelerate enactment of legislation against hate crimes; hold those responsible for acts of violence and violations of human rights accountable; and formulate future policy responses to the situation of migrants that conform to international standards.