UN Cares and UN+

UN Cares

UN Cares is designed to reduce the impact of HIV on the UN workforce by supporting “universal access” to a comprehensive range of benefits for all UN personnel and their families. These benefits – known as the UN Cares 10 Minimum Standards – include information and education, voluntary counseling and testing, access to male and female condoms, and emergency prevention measures in case of accidental exposure, among others. The Standards also call for increased measures to stop stigma and discrimination. Download: UN Cares 10 Minimum Standards; UN Cares Minimum Standards with Indicators; UN Cares Brochure.

In Malawi, UN Cares works closely and in collaboration with:

  • All resident and non-resident UN agencies
  • UN Plus – the network of UN staff living with HIV on advocacy on stigma and discrimination, access to care and treatment, and greater involvement of staff living with HIV
  • UN physicians on access to care and treatment
  • Staff associations on mobilisation of staff to participate actively in UN Cares activities
  • Partners in advocacy for elimination of stigma and discrimination of staff living with HIV
  • Staff counselors on counseling services
UN Cares Regional Coordinator, East and Southern Africa, Dan Onyango Maina,in the middle,  with UN Cares Malawi Team

UN Cares Regional Coordinator, East and Southern Africa, Dan Onyango Maina,in the middle, with UN Cares Malawi Team

The UN Cares team continues to grow in strength and build its coordination among the UN agencies working in Malawi. With increased managerial commitment from the UNCT, and the support of the Resident Coordinator and UNAIDS Country Representative, the UN Cares team implements a range of planned activities.

UN Plus in Malawi

UN Plus is a group of UN staff living with HIV. Established in 2005, the network aims to give a voice to issues affecting those living with HIV and working in the UN system. The group supports all members in the UN system that are living with HIV and AIDS, regardless of their levels of disclosure.

“Uniting for solidarity, equality and acceptance for people living with HIV within the UN system through awareness raising policy change and advocacy.”

UN+ in Malawi contributes to the following Global UN+ objectives:

  • Contributing to the development of and/or improvement of existing policies on HIV and AIDS among UN agencies
  • Creating a more enabling environment of all HIV positive staff members, irrespective of the level of disclosure of their HIV status
  • Creating an organised and effective voice for People Living with HIV within the UN system that challenges stigma and discrimination

UN+ in Malawi offers a great opportunity for staff members to share their experiences on the following:

  • Positive living and survival skills
  • Treatment care and support
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • How specific work environments are responding to UN HIV and AIDS Personnel Policy, and HIV and AIDS Guidelines

UN+ has an e-workspace for the HIV-positive UN Staff Group which enable them to discuss issues, based on personal experiences as People Living with HIV working within the UN system.

“Put a human face to where HIV and AIDS is”